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Brain-Based Stress Management

Today’s spa clients more than ever are being proactive when it comes to seeking preventive health care solutions.  Chronic stress is a modern day reality that is resulting in a variety of health problems for millions of people. 
This audio seminar, An Innovative Approach to Mind-Body Wellness, will explain how your spa can provide a holistic solution to chronic stress that is economical and easy to implement for you and your clients.


  • Educate your clients about the causes of chronic stress and how it impacts their health and natural beauty
  • Introduce a holistic stress reduction service that more and more people, your clients, are seeking to help them feel better now and in the future  
  • Enhance facial and other treatment results combined with stress relief practices 
  • Create client loyalty by offering comfort, hope, and relief from the negative consequences of stress in your clients’ lives
  • Enroll your clients in an at-home stress reduction program with retail  audio products 

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