“My name is Cecile and I work as a Registered Nurse and Medical Aesthecian, in Ontario, Canada.  Working in the operating room as well as in my own aesthetic business, you can imagine the enormous amount of stress I endure on a daily basis.  I find my own body getting at me to manage my stress properly at times.  So in my search for an effective stress management tool, I found Braintasia™.  After listening to it only once, I felt calm, peaceful, relaxed, and refreshed.  I highly recommend Braintasia™ because everyone needs and deserves to be relaxed and have a balanced, meaningful life.”
   – Cecile Ong, RN, Ontario, Canada 

BeFunky_jessica-300x300“I was really skeptical that listening to a CD would help me fall and stay asleep.  Over the years I’ve tried over the counter sleep aids, herbal remedies, and other methods, but nothing worked until I tried the Braintasia™  Sleep Retreat. The first time I fell asleep within 10 minutes and slept all through the night. Jeri Ross you are my hero!”
– Jessica C., Atlanta, Georgia

“Like everyone else, my life is full of stressors and I know the damaging effect it can have not only mentally, but physically. Listening to Timeless Beauty has been a fantastic solution to reduce my stress level because it not only is a natural method, but also is healthy for my skin and body!” 
     – Michelle, San Francisco

“I’ve recently been focusing on how important my health is to me and wanted to find a holistic approach that incorporates the power of the mind with my physical health. I listen to Health Illumina daily and I now know how to take advantage of the fact that I can train my mind to heal my body.”
     – Alicia, Santa Cruz

“I’ve always had trouble staying asleep, but after listening to Sleep Retreat I finally was able to have an entire night of uninterrupted sleep!”
     – Diana, Los Angeles

“With working, raising a family, and all the other distractions in life, I have little time just for myself. Listening to Soul Serum everyday is the perfect retreat to guide my mind to relax and focus on what’s important in life.”
     – Gaby, Atlanta