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Inner Convocation : The School of Visionary Magic is a coming together of powers and techniques to move esoteric studies into the 21st century. Its teachings are based on the work developed by JOSEPHINE DUNNE over the last 15 years.

The work is disseminated through workshops, books, free text and correspondence courses. The subject matter covers a wide range of topics and the workshops are accessible to anyone from any spiritual background. The workshops and courses are designed so that people can use the techniques for their own spiritual tradition/path.

Specialized training through the Priests and Priestesses program focuses on non sectarian work that is based on techniques and work methods that have no reliance on religious or spiritual organizations. The training begins through free text exercises and workshop attendance. It progresses onto specialized workshops, a consecration which links the student into the eternal line of inner Priests and Priestesses, and a network of advanced groups that meet on a regular basis.

Inner Convocation is an organic organization that is constantly growing and changing. It is non hierarchical, non sectarian and welcomes people of all cultures and traditions.



I would like to thank the following people for their help and support: Chris Cooke and kyle Oliver for their knowledgeable advice and support, Local organizers Linda Vogan, Michael Donovan, Misty, Tannis, Frank Gerace and Cheryl Wanner, Debbie Chapnick for her graphics support and organizing, Jake Archer for her advice and ideas. Forrest Harding for being such a hardworking webmaster. Cassie Stewart, my daughter, for allowing me to use her amazing paintings. Chrissy Cleaver, June Tenney, Jeane Julian and Jodine Cognato for their support and friendship during this time of rebirth.



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