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Be aware of the flame before you. Close you eyes and see the flame with your inner vision. Be aware of your own inner flame burning brightly deep within you.

As you look at the flame before you, it begins to expand. The flame within you grows bigger also and you feel the power of the flame flow through you. A well appears before you and you peer down it. The candle flame falls down the well and you feel your inner flame following, drawing you down and down into the underworld.

You fall through the darkness, leaving the surface world behind. You fall and fall, your awareness of your surface life fading as you fall through the underworld.

You land on soft sand , finding yourself within a cave that has a canal running through it. The canal vanishes down a tunnel into the darkness. A boat appears floating towards you, steered by a man holding a lantern.

He pulls up alongside and tells you to climb in. He puts his hand out for payment and you reach into your pocket. Whatever you find there, give it to him, no matter how strange or trivial it may be. He helps you into the boat and ties a string around your wrist.

Together, you sail at high speed through the dark tunnels. You pass many landing places, doorways and old stone steps as you travel down the canal. The man who steers, sings songs and recites poetry as you go. The poems tell you the story of death and the underworld.

The boat emerges out of the tunnel into a sunny landscape. The canal runs through a desert with high mountains to your left and desert stretching to the horizon on your right. The boat pulls over on the right hand side and you get out. The ferryman warns you never to get out of the boat on the left hand side. As you disembark, he sails away in to the distance.

You find yourself on the bank of the canal which is full of people wandering around looking lost. This is where we finds ourselves shortly after death. Some of the people can see you and some cannot. Some are too wrapped up in the life they have just left and they are finding it hard to adjust.

There are angelic beings, mainly in human form, comforting the people and talking to them. Some of the beings take on the appearance of relatives, religious figures or other images that the dead person is seeking for comfort.

The angelic beings guide people to the edge of the canal and point to a bridge that you had not noticed before. As people move to the bridge, you follow. One of the beings appears at your side and becomes your guide for the rest of the journey. They take you hand and encourage you to place a foot on the bridge. The bridge feels strange and the angel holds you tightly so that you do not get lost.

Together you walk slowly over the bridge to the other side of the canal. As you walk towards the mountain, you see many people walking beside you who are beginning to transform. Things appear to be falling off of them and vanishing into the ground. As you watch this, you realize that certain issues in your life are bubbling to the surface.

They do not distress you as they may have done in life : you merely observe as they come back into your memory. Once you have observed them, they fall away from you and are absorbed into the earth. You feel lighter and more in balance as each difficult emotion, situation or memory falls away unneeded.

The angel smiles and shows you how it is better not to cling to things but to let them just pass through you. At this point you reach the base of the mountain. As you look up you see a path that has been worn up the mountain side and you start to climb. The people and the angels climb with you as you work your way higher and higher.

Sometimes you pause to look back down the mountainside. You see many scenes re- enacted from you life. It allows you to look at various points in your life without emotional involvement. You see the reality of your actions free from your justifications. The angel tells you to turn away from the past and to look up to the top of the mountain.

When you arrive at the top, the people around you lay down and fall asleep. You want to fall asleep too but you remember that you are supposed to stay awake. The angel nudges you to the edge of the mountain and you stand on a ledge. You cannot see what is ahead of you, for the top of the mountain is covered in thick mist. The angel touches you on the forehead and you become aware again of your inner flame. As the angel touches you, the inner flame grows and expand until you feel on fire.

Reach into yourself and draw a fragment of the inner flame out and hold it in the palm of your hand. It acts as a lantern, lighting your way ahead. The angel tells you to step off the ledge into the mist. You are afraid. But you know that you must do it. The inner flame held in your palm gives you strength. You step off into nothing.

You do not fall but find yourself in the void. The angel vanishes and you are in a place of no time, no space, no movement. You stay in the stillness, the silence flowing through you, regenerating you. The void is the source of all potential: the source of all being, the place where all thought and creation originates. It opens your awareness of the eternal self that is out of time. The flame of Divinity which is your soul, the fragment of Divine being, glows through the nothingness of the void.

Somewhere, deep within you, is an urge to move forward. Following that urge, you step forward and find yourself leaving the void and appearing in a chapel. You emerge behind an altar and when you look back the way you came, you see that the walls of the chapel vanish out in to the void. On the other side of the altar are many priests and priestesses . They herald your emergence from the void and come forward to congratulate you. They guide you to the door of the chapel and open it for you.

You pass through the door and find yourself in a vast library . Every word that has ever been expressed, every learning, every fragment of knowledge is stored here in many varied forms. Books, scrolls, tablets, discs, threads and shapes are stored from floor to ceiling.

On the far wall is a collection of small doors. One of them has your name on it. You move towards the door and open it. You see the back of your own head and a candle flame. Stepping through the door, you find yourself back in the room where you first started. You see the candle flame before you and the room around you.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and focus on the candle flame before you. Be aware of the inner flame burning brightly within you and remember what happened as you journeyed through death.



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