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Light the candle and meditate on the power of the flame for a while. Be aware of the strengthening of your own inner flame. The central flame grows bigger and you are drawn to step through the fire. As you step through the fire you find yourself walking through a desert and an angel begins to walk alongside you

You talk for a while before realizing that the angel is not one of the ones that usually communicates with humans during inner work. You ask the angel who he is and the angel stops and looks at you. He places his hands across your eyes and tells you to look through his hands. His voice resonates through you head like a drum beat.

I am the angel of the earth upon which you walk. I am the skin across the soil, the grains of sand in the desert , I am he who lays between the stars and the underworld. I am around and within you. I am completion.

You find yourself at the gates of a large fortressed city. The angel begins to sing and the gates opened to reveal a modern city full of cars and people. The angel guides you down a street, passing through the cars, stalls, and buildings until you come to a gigantic wall. You watch people praying at the wall.

Something urges you to pass through the wall, you briefly feel the agonies and fears of many people as you passed through the stone. There are millions of whispers which you recognize as prayers: even though you do not speak the language, you understand what was being whispered. Cries from all the appeals reach out to touch you.

Together, you pass through the wall and emerge in a magnificent temple with columns that seem to reach to the stars. Each wall had a single wide bookcase filled with many scrolls and tablets that stretched high up to the roof.

Before you stands a square frame that is suspended from the roof and from it hangs linen veils that had been torn. The angel weeps as he holds the linen. He stretches put his hands and asks you to repair it. A feeling of panic wells up within you. The angel puts his hands to your shoulders to calm you.

You know what must be done. It is deep within you and only a human can restore the holy of holies. So it is written in the hand of angels and recited upon the twelve winds.

A warmth spreads within you until it becomes a fire. Your mind turned inward, reaching deep within. Slowly, you pull out a length of cloth from within yourself, like a spider creating a web . As it comes out, you hang it on the frame and the angel secures it. Work your way around the four sides until the veils are replaced and a sanctuary had been woven.
Now you must restore the inside.

Go in and right what has been wronged.

Step into the tent and see a wooden stand that had been knocked over. On the floor is an oil lamp that had spilled . Pick up the wooden stand and place it in the center. A creature that you had not noticed hiding in the corner knocks the stand over again. The creature is a thin small man with the scales of a lizard.

Every time you set the stand straight, the creature knocks it over again. Commune with the creature and find a place that he is willing to go to where he will be more in balance with his surroundings. Take him there by opening the landscape in your imagination.

Straighten up the stand and light the oil lamp using the fire that is burning within you. The flame grows in intensity, its light spreading out to illuminate the temple beyond the veils. The light travels, howling with the sound of a great wind as it shoots in all directions. It lights the walls and floors, before pushing beyond the boundaries of the temple to the city beyond.

You will see through everything as the light travels this way and that. Watch as everything takes on a new and vital form. The angel catches hold of your hand. He tells you that your work is done here and now you must return back to the place where you first started.

You walk out through the main gates of the temple and see the city filled with peace and balance. As you walk among the people, you can feel their inner flames burning in harmony. The angel touches you on the shoulder and shows you a candle burning in a shop window.

The closer you look into the flame the more power you see. Your body tips forward under the strain of such power and you find yourself falling through fire. The fire winds itself all around you, cleansing and regenerating you. Its stillness brings a peace to your thoughts and as you emerge out of the fire you bring that stillness with you.

You emerge back in the room where you first started . Sit quietly for a moment and allow the stillness to flow from you and into the space where you are seated. When you are ready, open your eyes.



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