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Light a central candle and close your eyes. See the flame with your inner vision, and see the flame begin to grow. As the flame grows bigger you see faces peering through the flames looking at you. walking towards the flame, you are drawn to step into the fire and immerse yourself in its power.

The flames still you and the silence is all around you. Through the silence, you hear a woman weeping. The weeping gets more and more urgent until you are compelled to leave the flame by stepping through it to the other side.

You find yourself walking around and around the perimeter of a temple, with an angelic being walking alongside you. Their hair is long and trails on the floor behind them, erasing their footsteps as they walk.

You come to rest by a heavy set of doors that you had not noticed before. The angel pushes the doors open and walks into a mosque that had a large rock in the center. Many shrill lights are focused on the rock and rails surround it so that no one could touch it.
Push through the rails and lay your forehead on the rock. You hear a heart beat

This is the breast of your mother, honor her. The words echo around your head as the angel speaks to you.

The rock seems to move and breathe like a living being and something deep down inside you awakens. Some far distant memory, a scent, something that reminds you of safety and love rises to the surface of your thoughts. You remember the scent as that of your eternal mother and you lie down on the rock to embrace it.

The angel nudges you and points to a covered doorway in the corner. Beyond the doorway is a steep stairway that twists around in to the darkness. A man is sleeping in a chair by the doorway. He is the guardian of the cave and stays by the doorway every day to ensure the safety of the caves secrets. Tiptoe past him and carefully climb down the dark stairs. The angel follows you.

At the bottom is another door of ancient carved wood. It has the mark of a red hand and you instinctively placed your hand upon it. You feel the presence of a woman, a woman of great spirituality and honor. As you push the door open, you feel a female presence.

The door opens out into a small cave directly under the large rock. It is damp and you can hear water running but you cannot see where the sound is coming from. The door slams shut and the cave is plunged into darkness. The darkness is heavy and you begin to feel tired.

You drift to some deep place within. The sound of running water is all around you as you drift in the comfort and safety of the cave. You do not want to leave, you want to stay here forever, in the womb of the mother. But you know that you must go. The angel pushes the door open and you slowly walk out into the stairwell. You do not recognize it and the thought of ascending the stairs fills you with terror, and yet you know there is no other way. You must do it.

Your legs are heavy as you ascend the stairs and you became increasingly aware that you carry a female presence with you. Together you move step by step until you meet the angel who is waiting at the top. The female presence is held within you and the her power fills you with awe.

The angel touches you on the forehead and tells you to take a breath. You breathe in. As you exhale, many visions pass before you. All the things that have happened in your life up to now parade past you at high speed. You know your life had led to this moment and yet you cannot comprehend what was so important. The angel takes you by the hand and leans over to whisper in your ear
This is the womb of the Mother, the cave of Prophets , the womb from which all messengers of God must be born of. You are to carry the sorrows of the Mother to the people and pave the way for what is to come. The daughters of God are to be born soon and your actions carry them from the womb of the earth to the arms of the world.

The words of the angel resound around your head like the ringing of a loud bell. The sound takes up all thoughts and feelings. The power of the angel's voice creates a wall of fire all around you . Within you, the female presence cries out and the cry passes through you and flows out of your lips. The cry mingles with the wall of fire which closes in all around you until you are in fire.

The pressure becomes too much and you stumble forward out of the flames to find yourself in the convocation of Priests and Priestesses . You emerge out of the central flame and stand with your back to the fire. The female presence within you pulls away from you and you fall to the floor from the impact as the presence steps out of you.

Before you stands a woman who's skin glows like the sun. Her hair is of fire and her eyes are the stars. You see the power of the sun burning in her center with the face of the Sun God appearing through the flames. She reaches out in gratitude and touches you on the forehead.

All the power of the sun and stars stream through your body altering your blood. Everything within you changes as the power of life flows through you, her touch reaching every cell in your body. The knowledge of the stars awakens within you and you feel the Universe in its entirety before you. The woman turns from you and stands on the threshold of the west.

The power becomes too much to hold and the angel, who is standing in the flame behind you, reaches out to embrace you. You fall backwards into the arms of the angel and into darkness.

Slowly, you become aware that you are sitting in the room where you first started and the flame is burning brightly before you. When you are ready, open your eyes and look at the candle flame.

For an hour, light a candle and place it in the west, the threshold from the inner convocation into our world. Be aware of the woman poised on the threshold of the west ready to step over into our world. Light the way for her with the candle and sit for a short while in stillness.



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