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JOSEPHINE DUNNE was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K., in 1962. Her mother worked as a fever nurse, her father was a local politician and community activist. Josephine grew up in a variety of places in and around Yorkshire in a mix of Irish, Romany and Punjabi communities. From this rich cultural mix she learned about many traditions, developing a unique understanding through her intuition and vision. As a girl student she won a scholarship to St. Joseph's college where her dance studies began at the age of 11 years.

Josephine's work in the arts includes: writing published poetry and dancing as a professional soloist, touring and performing internationally to high acclaim. She also worked as an arts administrator and national advisor in the U.K. In the last eight years she has worked nationally and internationally, teaching and developing her unique inner visionary work.

Inner Visionary Work

Josephine was encouraged from a young age by her father (who spent his life studying mystical Christianity) to explore mystical studies. During her childhood much of her time was spent with her father learning the practical and mystical histories of the church, studying the sacred architecture, poetry and visionary writings of the early Christian church. Later, through her extended family and community, she studied the intricacies of Islam and was introduced to the powers of the Hindu Deities.

Throughout her childhood, Josephine, like her mother and many previous generations of her family, developed her own inner sight, healing touch and visionary ability. In early adulthood, she worked in isolation, moving away from formal belief systems and delved into the inner worlds using her own knowledge, visionary ability and intuitions.

In 1993 she began working in a more public arena, developing esoteric visionary work and presenting it to an international audience along with her former husband. Since that time she has taught extensively throughout the USA and the UK/Ireland, constantly developing and bringing through new work.

In 1997 she emigrated with her family to the USA and began to write down her visions and experiences, using stories as a vehicle for the work. Her first novel, AZAL: the retelling of Eve, was published by Mercury Publishing in 1999. Since that time Josephine has written two further books and is working on a fourth.

Present day: Josephine continues to develop the visionary work that she teaches in her workshops throughout the USA along with writing and presenting free text through the web page for people to use in their own spiritual / magical quests.


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