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(1973-79) Trained in classical ballet with Royal Academy of Dance. Was taught by: Dame Louise Browne OBE (At the Royal Academy scholarship center), Dorothy Stevens OBE , Vassilav Trunoff.

(1986-91) Taught 'Majors' (professional exams) in classical ballet for a boarding performing arts academy in Yorkshire (covering for majors Royal Academy of Dance examiners). Taught as a guest teacher for classical ballet academies in England, USA ,and Greece.

Trained in Tae kwon do. Held martial arts titles, English champion, Northern champion and British champion in her division in tae kwon do, 1985-87.

Asian (North Indian) Dance

(1988-93) Trained in Bharata Natyam by Tyra Mughal and Kathak by Minoo Lord (from the school of Biju Maharaj). Turned to film dance, taking the style back to its early golden era of epic dances in epic films and presenting it to family audiences from the Pakistani and Indian communities throughout Europe, Asia and America . She performed at concerts, Melas, religious festivals, major weddings and TV. Her performances received rave reviews in India Abroad, Asian Times, daily Jang (urdu daily broad sheet ), Ravi (Urdu newspaper), and in major UK national press, The Guardian, The Times Educational Supplement, Daily Express. Has appeared on BBC TV, ITV networks, Nawrang (Asian/North Indian program on ITV) Network East.
Josephine has worked as a consultant for Hifza International (Asian/Indian TV) and was a member of the Management team for Oriental Arts UK- an Asian Arts Organization that promotes major festivals, tours and recordings. Was also a member of the Asian Artists Forum for theater which advised local and national government on policy within the Asian Arts.

Her photograph was used frequently to promote Indian arts/dance and was extensively used by the Commonwealth Institute (an international UK based organization) to promote the opening of the Victoria and Albert Museum Asian collection.


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