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(1986-90) published 3 collections of poetry: Monday's diary/the news 1986 (Purple Heather publications), Depths of frost 1987 (Krax publications) Breakfall 1987 (Unibird press) Editor of the street noise series, 2 anthologies of poetry published by Metro Arts. UK. co- editor of Sultan magazine, a U.K. glossy magazine for south Asian teens. Wrote as columnist/reviewer for Five leaves left, a bi-monthly arts and poetry journal based in the north of England. During the 1980's, was a Registered poet with the British Poetry Society (NPS). Founder of the Asian Women's writers group and advisor for their magazine, and was also advisor for Yorkshire Arts (a UK regional arts council ) in South Asian literature. Project writer on the Here to Stay bilingual learning module (High School qualification) designing the curriculum for the course. First novel, AZAL: the retelling of Eve 1999 ( Mecury Publishing).


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