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Guarding the Children

This is a vision of ancestral responsibility, the sharing of the burden of protection for the future generations. It is usually conducted within your own family or tribe and must not be done with any other family group without permission.

Light a candle and close your eyes. Be aware of the flame before you and be aware of the flame that burns deep within you at the edge of the void. As you look at the flame it grows bigger and bigger until it turns into a column of fire. You are drawn to the column of fire and you step through into the flames without fear.

You pass into the convocation of Priests and Priestesses and find yourself circling a central flame with many thousands of people. These people are mediator from all times and all worlds, coming together at the edge of the void in a timeless union.

You are drawn to the west threshold and as you stand there you hear a baby cry. The cry gets louder and louder and pulls upon you, urging you to step forward. You recognize something within the cry and a priest or priestess whispers in your ear that a child of your blood cries out in the dark for protection.

Stepping forward you pass over the threshold of the west and find yourself stood before the bed or crib of a child. The child is crying and is distressed. You sense danger around the child: either inner or physical danger, maybe even serious sickness.

As you look at the child, you see a pattern of energy that you recognize; the child feels a little like you. You realize that this child is of your family or tribe, and that you have responsibility as an ancestor to protect them.

Reach out your hand and place it lightly on the child's head or shoulders. When you have established the contact with them, feel for the child's inner flame, seated deep within them. Cup the child's inner flame in your hand carefully and respectfully.

Now feel the deep inner peace that always visits you when you reach into your inner flame. Allow that peace and stillness to flow over the child as you mediate silence from the eternal inner flame: the flame of Divinity.

The child begins to settle down and fall asleep. You, as ancestor, stand guard over the child as they sleep. As you watch the child slumber, a song rises up from deep within you and you begin to quietly sing. The child relaxes more and more as you sing and the sound carries around the room creating a pattern of protection that swirls around the child.

Faery beings from outside creep closer to listen to the song and you also become aware that all the creatures around the building are listening to your voice. The song tells of the child's heritage, the blood of the tribe and the gifts that the child can carry forward for the future.

You begin to get tired and just as your eyes begin to close, you feel a hand on your shoulder. Another ancestor of your blood stands beside you and offers to take over to watch as the child sleeps. You may or may not recognize them.

The ancestor takes position beside the child and begins to sing as you quietly back out of the room. Turning, you find yourself on the threshold of the west back into the convocation. Stepping over the threshold, you suddenly remember a time when you were a small child and you were frightened. You remember a sensation of someone coming to watch over you or protect you and you remember your fear being taken away.

The convocation greets you as you return and as you walk around the central flame, you begin to see people within the convocation who are related to you by blood. They may not be people whom you have met, but you recognize them by their blood, their energy pattern. They acknowledge you and tell you that you can always seek them out and work with them for the good of the tribe or family.

The central flame beckons to you and you pass through the central flame back into the room where you first started. When you are ready, you blow out the candle.



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