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Vision of the Ancestors
(can be recorded for personal use only)

Light the candle flame and watch the flame for a few seconds before you close your eyes. See the candle flame before you with your inner vision and be aware of the breath of life that flows through the candle flame: the divine flame that manifests on the edge of the void.

With your inner vision, see the room in which you sit fall away and you find yourself out in a field of grasses and flowers. Beside you is a knife, a fire, and a bowl of water. You will see the sun rising before you in the east. Be aware of that direction and of the west behind you. Be aware of the north and south, of the earth below and the stars above. Be aware of yourself sitting in the center and within your center is the sacred flame of all being.

In your inner vision, pick up the knife and slice across your hand causing blood to flow. Hold the blood over the bowl of water and allow your blood to mingle with the water. When your hand stops bleeding, hold it near the fire to cleanse the wound.

A crow circles above you and then dives down, hitting the bowl of water causing it to spill onto the ground. The liquid flows out of the bowl and creates a stream of blood and water that flows off into the distance. The stream grows and grows until it becomes a river that you fall into and the current pulls you along. You allow the current to carry you as the water flows over your face. The taste of blood reaches your lips and the water gets deeper and deeper as you are pulled along.

When you feel that you are about to drown, your hand touches a branch and you hang on to it. Hauling yourself up out of the water, you see that you are hanging on to an old knarled tree that is bent over and many of its branches are trailing in the river. Pulling yourself out of the river, you roll on the grassy bank and rest.

As you lay steaming in the sun, you hear voices in the distance. Something within you recognizes the voices, even through the language may be strange. You get up and walk towards the voices, pushing through taller and taller grasses as you go. The surrounding trees seem to bend down to join the grass, creating a wall of green that you must push through. As you emerge on the other side, you will see a person standing in a clearing , looking around as if they have just heard something.

Approach this ancestor carefully, taking in the situation around them and acting accordingly. Commune with your ancestor, tell them about yourself and your world. Ask the questions that need to be asked. Offer help and advice where you can, and be of assistance to your ancestor should they need it.

At the end of the interaction, step back and tell them that they will be remembered in the future. Allow the ancestor to walk away from you and wait until they have vanished.

Then it is time to push deeper into the forest as you reach further back through time. The further back you go, the denser the forest will be. The journey starts to take its toll on your body and your muscles begin to feel as if you have carried heavy weights. Push yourself forward until you reach a clearing in the trees.

As you emerge from the forest, you will see people sitting around a fire. Go and sit with them quietly and watch the flames. One of the gathering looks at you intently, and recognizes you as someone from the future.

The seer looks around the group for someone who is connected to you. When the seer recognizes which member of their community is your ancestor, the seer stands and walks towards you. With one arm outstretched, he or she asks you to follow as they turn and leave the fire. You are led a short way to a tent or structure and told to wait.

The seer leaves, and then returns shortly with someone at their side. This person is told that you are here and that you wish to commune with them. The seer places a hand on your head, and a hand on your ancestor's head. He or she acts as an interpreter between you and your ancestor.

When the communion is over, the ancestor leaves and the seer turns to talk to you. The seer tells you of the tribe and its problems, and asks you as a person of the future if you have any advice that you can give. Do your best to answer honestly and clearly. If you do not have an answer, then you must say so.

In return, the seer offers you advice for your life or family. Take the advice into your heart where you can unravel it and make it appropriate for your own time. The seer then places a hand over your eyes. Through the hands of the seer, you are empowered with the seer's sight. The landscape and way of life is revealed to you as you look around. The seer also looks into you and sees your world.

When the time comes to leave, you begin to feel very tired. Your body feels so tired that you can hardly stand up. Finally, your legs give in and you lay down on the soft fresh earth. Sleep comes heavily upon you and you drift in a state of total relaxation. The seer stays beside you and sings a lullaby to you in a language that your body understands, even if you do not.

The earth seems to cover you over and the grass grows all around you. A feeling of deep peace descends upon you as you lay in communion with the earth. You become aware of a presence beside you, as though it flows from the earth that is all around you.

The presence touches you deeply and you begin to weep tears of love and compassion. The presence is your first ancestor, the source of all patterns that run through you. You merge and mingle together as one, feeling the planet turn through time as you lay in union.

Your tears reach the surface of the earth and become flowers , turning their faces to the sun and blossoming in joy and beauty. All awareness of your time bound life falls away and all you are left with in the timeless union of blood within the earth.

As you lay together with your first ancestor, you hear a voice calling out your name. The sound echoes through the earth, vibrating within the rocks and causing you to stir. You want to reach out for the sound but you need help.

An instinct deep within you causes you to push your hand and arm up through the earth to the air. Your arm emerges out of the rich earth and grasps onto someone's hand. That someone pulls on your arm, pulling you out of the earth.

As you emerge, you find yourself standing before a future ancestor, someone from your own future who has reached through time to commune with you. Be with this person, pass on all that you can . The future ancestor looks deeply in to you and sees a pattern within you that you were not aware of. It is something that you acquired in your present life and it can effect generations to come.

They reach out to help you with this pattern and you must choose to allow them to assist you with the letting go and recognition of what that pattern might be.

Visions of scenes within your life, issues that you cling to and emotions that are becoming difficult parade before your vision and the future ancestor helps you to look objectively. Your body feels the transition as you let things alter and change.

Before you can commune further, the future ancestor falls back into a mist and vanishes from your sight. You hear the flow of the river which rages like a torrent all around you. You look down to find yourself stood on an isthmus, almost surrounded by water on all sides.

The water laps around your feet and pulls at you to leave. Reluctantly you dive back into the river and swim towards the setting sun. As you swim, you become aware of fires that burn on both sides of the river. Some are bonfires lit for the ancestors, and some are natural fires.

The flames build up around you until it seems that you are swimming through fire. The fires burns around and within you, cleansing and purifying you as you reach back to your own time.

You emerge out through the central flame and find yourself back in the room where you first started. You take you seat and look at the central flame. Around you, you see the rivers of water and blood flowing into and out of you , vanishing off into the far distance. When you are ready, open your eyes and look at the central flame.



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