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Most modern cultures have relegated the faery realm into the corner of fantasy and children's stories. Western materialist societies have all but turned their backs on the land and the spirits that reside on and within the earth. Communion with the faery realm did survive at a folk level in country areas until probably the mid to late nineteen seventies. Most of that changed which the new social engineering of the time.

Until the mid seventies, it was not uncommon in country areas for farmers to work around ' faery rings' in the fields rather than disturb them. They would often leave a small offering of the crop on the back step of the house. Similarly, older generations would leave a portion of the day's meal on the back step for the faeries to eat.

In our modern day city living, we search for the faery experience by going off to the countryside. That is where we feel we will encounter the faery experience. Or by undertaking long trips to Ireland, Scotland etc.

That is simply a symptom of the 'out there' focus on life: spiritual peace is out there somewhere. Financial success is out there if I can just do X. Beauty is surgery and dieting. Faeries are in woods and God is in heaven. And we are totally blind.

Faeries are everywhere, just like squirrels. Your city stands on land. That city is not a permanent fixture. It was simply built by humans who could not face living with nature. Under that building is land, earth, rock, caves, water, fungus, plants, bugs...and faeries. Just walk down a street and you will see nature fighting back in some small way. Despite pesticides, insecticides, concrete and tar, nature still manages to put the finger up at humanities obsession with destruction. So you work with what is on your land, in your home, in your town.

Cities do bring terrible sorrow and destruction to the natural orders of life and as a single human being you cannot do a lot to rectify that. But you can do a little, which counts for a lot in a faery sense. Look after one weed near your home. Feed the winter birds, allow spiders one corner of the house to live in. Don't pick the flowers and undertake tasks set to you in the faery realm.

Working in such an individual way on your own home ground will slowly start to affect the area around you.

You will be guided by contacts that you make in the faery realm and they will work with you. But always, keep your promises. And always work from a place of truthfulness. The occupants of the faery realm are not interested in PhDs, wealth, expertise , magical props, titles and robes. They are interested in simplicity.

It is best to work both in vision and in a physical sense. When you go into the faery realm in vision you will find that more often than not, your tasks are to be undertaken in the physical realm. It is not enough to experience the faery realm in vision and then not carry that experience out in to our world.

What we learn in vision is the beginning. It is then up to us to integrate that experience into our everyday lives. The tasks we are given are often simple and relate to our home environment. Such tasks awaken our awareness to the land around us and show us the simple ways in which we too can be caretakers of the sacred land.



This can be done indoors or outdoors.

Sitting quietly, be aware of the inner flame that burns deep within you. As your awareness of the flame builds, reach within you and bring out a fragment of the flame, holding it before you. The fragment of flame lights up the space in such a way that you can see things that were previously hidden.

As you look around with your inner vision, you se tree roots growing out of the floor. In the center of the root growth is the hollow of a tree that vanishes down into the underworld. The fragment of your inner flame passes down the tree hollow and you are drawn to follow.

Climbing down the inside of the inverted tree, you become aware of many different scents that you recognize. They all evoke emotions, and yet the precise memory of these familiar scents evades you.

Deeper and deeper down you climb as you travel through the tree. Just when you think your arms cannot take anymore, you emerge out of the hollow trunk to find yourself in the high branches of the tree.

Carefully, you climb through the branches, trying not to fall. The tree speaks to you, guiding you through its leaves until you find a branch that reaches nearly to the ground. Carefully, you drop from the tree and land in soft grass.

All around you is grass and flowers. Many trees hang down from the sky, reaching for the grass. The light comes not from the sky, but from the ground below your feet.

In the distance there are many hills and standing stones. One particular stone stands out for you and you set off walking towards it. Faint singing whispers all around you and as you listen, you hear that the song is advising you where to go.

On your chosen path, there is a stone blocking the pathway. Something tells you, deep within you, not to walk around the stone, but to touch it. Reaching your hands out, gently caress the stone which moves under your touch. A wild power eminates from the stone and you realize that this stone is special. Before you can draw breath, the stone transforms into a tall muscular woman who blocks the path.

Her eyes bore into you, seeing everything that is hidden within . She looks at your intentions for seeking the faery realm. She looks for a deed that was done without selfishness . If she is happy with what she has seen, she opens her arms to you. Her body scent evokes memories, long since forgotten, of your babyhood. The nurturing of the mother's breast flows from her as she invites you to embrace her.

Stepping forward towards her, you pass through her and she vanishes. The mother of all being has awoken you to life and you now see the landscape through different eyes. All the plants, trees, flowers and bushes show themselves to you as tall beautiful beings that uphold the earth. Many creatures dart in and out of the forest that has appeared all around you.

The stones move and breathe as many strange and wondrous faery beings tend them. All around you is vibrant life in balanced communion. Reach down to the earth and scoop a handful up. The scent of earth is that of the Mother who stood in your path. The scent of nurturing fills you and you lie down on the earth to embrace your Mother.

All of the faery beings lie down with you and each one places an arm around another until one of them places an arm around you. The spirits of the plants, trees, flowers and stones all participate in until every living thing is joined, united in honoring of the Mother. A sense of communion and family flows strongly through you as you realize that all the beings assembled are your true brothers and sisters.

A gentle rain starts to fall. The community of beings starts to separate and enjoy the soft falling water. The faery beings dance with the rain drops, and all the plants and trees open themselves out to receive the life giving water. The rain falls all around you and also falls through you. Much that is incoherent, unbalanced, suppressed or inappropriate is washed from you by this rain. What falls from you is taken up by the earth and transformed.

When the rainfall stops, a hand reaches out from the earth, holding something out for you. The hand of your first ancestor holds out your imbalances : they have been transformed by the rich earth. Opportunities for learning from what you have relinquished are offered to you. Take the offering and place it within you, where it will unfold slowly throughout your life.

The assembled faeries are beginning to dance through the forest and they call upon you to join them. Holding out your arms, you follow , dancing and singing as you pass ever deeper into the forest. Someone grabs your hand and dances with you. A faery being has chosen you as a companion and should you choose to upkeep this friendship, it will be your companion throughout life.

As you dance, your faery companion asks about your life in the surface world. It asks you what you eat, how you play, where your favorite tree is. In turn, you can ask about life in the faery realm.

A call sounds out and the dancing stops. Your companion tells you that it is time for you to leave the faery realm and return to the surface world. The assembled faeries accompany you back to the tree, and ask you to return to them again. They tell you that when you return, all you need to do is call out your name when you have jumped from the tree. Your companion will hear your call and will come to greet you. They will escort you to the many places within the faery realm and teach you about their world.

Your companion offers you a gift as you prepare to leave. It is something from the faery realm that will help you learn more about nature in the surface world. In return, you must make the gift of a promise to the assembled faeries. Whisper your promise, and the faeries will whisper it back to you.

Now it is time to leave. You jump up into the tree, catching onto a tree branch as you start to climb. Carefully climb through the branches until you reach the hollow trunk. Many of the faeries climb with you as you enter the tree hollow and ascend to the surface world. The fragment of your flame is hovering at the roots of the tree, guiding you back. The closer you get to the surface world the more you begin to be aware of the pollution, both physical and psychic of the world in which you live.

The faeries who climb with you begin to sing sad songs as they climb, telling of all the terrible things that have happening on the surface of the earth. It is only then that you realize the faeries are carrying work tools. They tell you that they are going out into the surface world to tend what is left of the flowers, the trees and the creatures. They advise you on how you can help on your own land : small things that you can do to help these beings in their never ending work.

Finally, you emerge back in the surface world, back where you first started. The fragment of inner flame returns back to its source deep within you, and you feel its refreshing power flow through you.

Remember the promise that you made, and remember the ways that you can help maintain the land where you live. Also remember the gift that was given to you, and the friends that you made. You can return to the faery realm, back to your friends, whenever you feel it is appropriate.

To complete this vision, if you are indoors, go outside. Take off your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet. If you are in a city, find a park or a patch of waste land that has grass. Remember the scent of the Mother and those powerful beings that are the plants and flowers. Honor them quietly.



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