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Animal Vision for Healing
Animal Vision of Death

Visionary work with animals is particularly spectacular in its results if it is done properly. Animals and birds do not have layer upon layer of cultural dressing, civilized delusions and materialist dogma.

The inner and outer quality of an animal is such that they tend to respond powerfully to imaginative communication with humanity. It is perfectly normal and everyday for animals to do this. They use their imaginative power as a bridge of communication with other beings.

When an animal is in need of human intervention, our imagination is the best form of communication and help. Homeopathy, cranial manipulation and flower essences are also powerful ways of assisting in triggering an animal's own immune system and healing process.

Using visionary techniques does not require lengthy reading and studying. However, it is not a fast track 'learn in two hours' healing technique either. It is a method of working that you can develop yourself through practice and experience.

All visionary work follows the same simple rules. The more you do, the better you get at it. The more you learn to listen to your inner wisdom, the more that wisdom will flow to the surface of your consciousness. A lot of visionary work, particularly in the early days of practice, relies on making contacts who will guide and help you. Later down the road, you will, in turn, assist others as an inner contact yourself.

Remember, vision is only part of the healing story. The outer body also needs care, attention and sometimes herbs, homeopathy or some other healing discipline to assist in the recovery process.

The vision for working with animals is very simple. The contact is sought in the convocation or place of coming together. Sometimes, the contact works through you or with you. Sometimes, they simply advise you: at other times they take over the work completely, leaving you to observe.

Animals will become quiet when worked on in this way. Some fall asleep. Remember to uphold that peaceful state when you have finished, rather than crashing into noise and activity straight away.

Space and time are great healers. Do not overwork on an animal: give its body chance to heal itself. Time and company are great healers for animals. Just being around for them makes a big difference to their healing capacity. Most animals are communal in their way of living. Isolating a sick animal from constant contact is enough to kill it, particularly birds.

Another thing to remember when working on animals is that you must not fight for life just for the sake of winning. Death may be necessary in some circumstances. Some animals who are sick or injured will want companionship so that they do not die alone. Being there for them and upholding a place of peacefulness is an important gift for a dying creature.



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