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The Vision of Healing
The Ceremony of Healing
Angelic Healing Vision

The use of the imagination is humanity's most powerful tool. It is through the imagination that worlds can be accessed, not through fantasy, but by stepping out of substance. When you take your consciousness out of the realm of substance or body, you are no longer tied by the rules of time, space and substance. The consciousness can flow from one world to another, interacting and communing.

The strange paradox of this, is that the results of such inner interaction are always felt in the substance of the body. The body takes the power and the impact even though the interaction is internal. To work on substance at the deepest most profound level, you must first find the root of that substance, which is non substance. Going beyond the body and working internally has a massive impact on the physical body which surfaces over time to elicit change.

Healing is a complex and difficult art. In its more powerful forms it has many different disciplines both internal and external.

The external category, includes but is not limited to : herbs, homeopathy, osteopathy and cranial osteopathy, acupuncture, etc.

Then there are inner healing methods, some connected to religions or spiritual traditions, some connected to tribal cultures that work amazingly well. These are usually forms that work with a `team` of beings, be they saints, nature spirits, animals, Deities, sigils etc.

Most inner healing uses methods that heals the soul first and the body second. It is done unconditionally : you do not do it to 'save' the person, rather to enable whatever is needful for that person.

Who are we to know what is best for a soul? Using inner healing techniques we do not make decisions, we simply act as a human link to allow inner powers to flow through us and do whatever needs to be done.

It may be that the person we work on is not meant to live, but has need of deep healing in a soul sense to enable the death transition and subsequent life to unfold in a more harmonious way. Who are we to decide?



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