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During my earlier years of inner work, it became very clear to me that one of the purposes of being a priest or priestess was to be of outer service as well as inner service to all beings. We all have our various ways in which we uphold such a principle.

One of the services I have found very rewarding is providing sanctuary for traumatized or seriously injured animals. At the moment the type of creature that is brought most to my door is birds. For the last two years I have provided a place of healing and safety for pet birds who have either sustained terrible injury in accidents, or who have been neglected in one way or another.

Those who have healed have been fostered out to people I know under strict supervision. Others, who are permanently disabled, stay as members of my family. Some birds come to us for a safe and loving place to die in peace.

The following pictures are a sample of the birds and other animals who have passed through our doors, and some who have taken up permanent residence with us.


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