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Journey to the Center of the Spiral


This working requires only a small candle, which is used as a focus. Still yourself for a few moments, then light the candle, being fully aware that you are bringing forth the amazing power of Fire. Sit down comfortably, facing your candle, and spend a few moments just being aware of your breathing, and becoming even more still and quiet within. When you feel ready to begin your journey, orient yourself to the Directions by mentally going around to each of them in turn, and acknowledging them. After acknowledging the Above and Below, bring your focus back to the Center, to the candle; close your eyes, and notice the Fire as it burns in the Inner Worlds. Step into this Fire, and through it...

You find that you are standing at the door of a very large Temple. The Temple is constructed of white stone that gleams and shines brightly in the late afternoon sun. The door is of a heavy wood, ornately carved. As you watch, the door swings open of its own accord, and you know that you are being invited into the Temple. Leaving your shoes at the threshold, you enter the dim, cool interior of the building and the door closes softly behind you.

Immediately your eye is drawn to the far right side of the building, where you see a dark, curtained, arched enclosure. You begin walking toward this enclosure, unsure of why you are doing this, only knowing that this is what you must do.

As you get closer you begin to see silver flecks in the dark curtain. You arrive at the curtained archway you see that curtain is of the dark blue of the midnight sky, and that the silver flecks are stars.

You feel the touch of a hand upon your left shoulder, and you turn toward it, startled. A cloaked and hooded person is standing next to you. Though you may never have seen this person before, he feels familiar, and you know him to be one of your guides.

Your guide pulls aside the curtain and gestures for you to enter the room. You do so.

You see before you a candle-lit room with a large rectangular, wooden table in the center. It is a curious table, large, but low, about 1 1/2 or 2 ft from the ground. It is clearly set up as an altar. In the center of the table there is what appears to be a heap of leafy branches. Outside the branches, are four colored votive candles, yellow, red, blue and green, placed in the directions of East, South, West, and North respectively. Immediately beyond the votives are placed four flat, smooth, rounded, sand colored rocks, about 5 inches in diameter.

Your guide tells you that preparations are being made for a ceremony, and that if you wish to participate in the ceremony, you must help in the preparation of the altar by contributing some special, magical item of your own. You reach down to your magical pouch, which is hanging by your side, and feel around inside of it. You pull out 2 items that are sacred to you and hand them to your guide who puts them on the altar.

Your guide sends you over to a small, curtained window on the far left side of the room and bids you look out this window till you are summoned for the ceremony. You pull aside the curtain and look out onto a darkening sky. The sun has set, and there are a few thin, clouds seeming to mingle with the now appearing stars. As you look more closely at the clouds you notice they seem to form a pattern. You study the pattern, and it resolves itself into a labyrinth, with stars shining through the open spaces. After a while, the clouds at the top of the maze begin to dissolve and flow away, and the sky darkens.

Once again you feel a touch upon your shoulder, as your guide summons you to the ceremony. You are led to the altar and seated on one side of it with your guide to your left. It is only then that you become aware of the presence of two other cloaked and hooded people sitting opposite you at the altar. As you look at them, you pause for a moment to remember where it is you have known them before. You note that if the candles on the table are oriented to the four directions, then the positions of the four of you around this altar mark the four cross quarters. You make especially careful note of the direction in which you find yourself sitting, because somehow, you sense that this is important.

Your guide begins to speak, explaining the ceremony. As you listen you gaze upon the beautiful candle lit altar, and realize that what seemed before to be a heap of leafy green branches is now a carefully laid out, counterclockwise spiral, about 2 feet in diameter. The manner in which the leaves and twigs extend into the paths of the spiral makes it look more like a labyrinthine maze than a spiral, but you can detect the spiral pattern there, nonetheless.

Your guide informs you that you are to walk this spiral maze. You are incredulous. It seems too small to be walked; you thought it to be an altar decoration. Your mind spins with doubts and questions. He seems amused at your incredulity, but insists that it is indeed possible; and says that many others have walked it before you. Still, you feel uncertain; and looking at the smallness of the spiral, you feel awkward and a bit ridiculous.

Arising, you clamber now upon the table and step gingerly onto the greenery, feeling clumsy and rather large. As you do so, you remember that you have been told to watch your feet and to step very, very carefully, keeping your feet on the lines you see traced beneath the greenery. You take one step, then another, and instantly become aware that your consciousness is changing. Taking the next step you notice the walking is not as difficult as you thought it would be. You take another step, wondering if you have grown smaller or the spiral larger. In another step, you know it doesn't matter, you are somehow doing what it is necessary to do.

You have an awareness, now, of those nameless others who have walked this spiral path before you. Your guide's words come back to you, "many have walked this path before you," but the words now continue, saying, "and many will walk it after you." As you continue watching your feet move along the path of greenery, the room around you seems to disappear; and the spiraling path you are walking seems to grow larger. Now an awareness comes to you of the spiraling path into and out of incarnation. You continue walking, focusing your attention on each step as you take it. The greenery dissolves, only the path remains, and your feet, treading it. The spiral grows smaller, tighter, smaller, tighter, as you spiral inward.

At length you reach the center of the spiral, and look up. You are within a vast, starry expanse. Directly in front of you the brighter stars seems to form the outline of an oval shape, larger at the bottom than the top. As you gaze at it, noting the dimmer stars twinkling within it, you are aware that "It" is a "presence," a feminine presence, and most definitely alive, pulsating with Life. You realize that She is very lovingly aware of you. Her size and power are awe inspiring; you feel blessing and beneficence radiating from Her. You feel as if you are in the presence of the Source of all creation. You pause for a moment to simply BE in the presence of this enormous Being.

You are given only a brief moment to assimilate all of this; then you know it is time to return, and that you must set your feet on the spiraling path outward, returning back the way you have come. You pause and give thanks for what you have been given, then begin your journey outward. It goes more quickly than the journey inward and soon you are climbing off the table and into your place.

You are aware of your guide smiling at you and helping you to your feet. The two others are also rising from their places, and smiling at you, their smiles full of deep meaning. You know the ceremony is ended. Your guide leads you to the curtained doorway and pulls open the curtain for you. He informs you that you will come again to this place for this ceremony, whenever "She" deems it necessary. You bid him farewell, and the others too, and exit through the curtain.

As the curtain drops behind you, the Temple scene before your eyes dissolves, and you feel your consciousness returning to the present time and place. You allow a few moments for this to happen. Then you begin to reorient yourself to the physical plane, by turning your attention again to the Directions, before arising.

By Margie McArthur of Santa Cruz, USA



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