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Seahenge Working at Dundon (October 2000)


1. Background
This working was developed from a growing sense that modern magical work should be about attuning to our environment, particularly with regard to awareness of our situation and function as part of an organic cosmos. The Seahenge vision is one strand of a web of visionary processes we carried out during 1999. This series used specific locations as a means of attunement to places and powers. It enables us to enter into "Zero-time" which paradoxically accesses all times past, present and future. The places used act as gateways to the "most high" and "vast deep". Seahenge in Norfolk is/was an ancient (4000 years old ) site comprising an enclosure of wooden posts encircling a huge upturned oak tree with roots reaching up into our world and seeming to grow down into the Underworld. Although originally built on dry land, many centuries of tidal changes and land movements "shifted" the location of the site into the sea.The ebb and flow of the tide revealed the site for just a few hours each day. When archaeologists "discovered" the site last winter they deemed it so important that they set about the removal of the entire place in order to examine it properly and, supposedly, to protect it from the ravages of the sea.They went ahead despite major protests and disapproval of local people in the area. The physical appearance of such a site is of immense significance to anyone involved with Underworld traditions in the British Isles. Although it's physical presence has been removed, the energies of the place are still accessible on a spiritual level. Therefore, we decided to enter into a vision of the place and connect to our ancestors who were/are connected to same.

2. The Working
To set up use a central flame with a photo of Seahenge if possible. To enhance the symbolic movement of consciousness the Tarot Trump of Judgement might be placed beside them. The four Tarot Aces may be put in the appropriate directions around them.

Having affirmed the directions in the usual way, build a vision of the henge in it's original state as a large circle of wooden posts - imagine walking across the wet sand towards it, feeling the sea breeze as you go. You find a gap in the posts through which you squeeze and find yourself within the circle. Turn to face the huge upturned tree,it's roots reaching out and up to the sky like a massive central altar. (Someone may meet you at this point). Approach the tree and slowly walk around it until you find a comfortable position to lean against the roots. Alternatively you may wish to lay down upon the tree altar. Then close your eyes and wait.

After a few moments it feels like the place is slowly turning, spiralling down into the earth. When this stops, look around to find you are in a cave which has a number of doors set about it. One of these seems to attract your attention.It is made of oak and, as you move closer, you may recognise a symbol carved upon it. You push the door and it swings open easily as if someone had already opened it for you. Go through onto a dimly lit stairway, roughly shaped and spiralling downwards even deeper into the earth. As you travel down the steps, you realise they are uneven and not at all easy to negotiate. Some steps are shallow and others quite deep, so that in places you almost have to clamber down, leaning against the walls for
support. There is the damp smell of a path not used for a very long time. There is also a taste in the air like the salty sea air you left above in the wooden henge. Eventually you reach the last step and see before you a doorway with a word written above it. Take note of this.

You knock upon the door and it is opened by a person or being who may ask you a question.Behind this figure is a veil made of a woven cloth and colour not recognised by you. It is very beautiful. If you feel prepared for the next step you may pass through the veil but you have the option of returning at this point. If the latter is your choice, the doorkeeper will ensure you return safely and quickly.

Those who pass through the veil will enter a huge cavern. At it's centre is a wide circular pool surrounded by a low wall about knee height. You notice that lots of small objects have been left as offerings around and upon the wall. You are aware of many other persons in this place. You peer into the dark pool and see many bright points of coloured light which you recognise as star patterns.They flash violet and blue and red and gold and green and orange and silver and you see clearly the seven stars of Orion the Hunter and of the Plough, both familiar in our night sky. Put your hands into the liquid and swirl it around. Notice the thickness and temperature of the liquid. Cup your hands as you lift them out. You will feel an object begin to take shape. It gradually shifts and changes until it solidifies into a specific object. You know you must leave this as an offering upon the wall. As you set it down you look directly above the pool to a great wide tunnel opening up to a view of the night-time sky. Contemplate the relationship/reflection of the stars above and of those below in the pool.

As you look up you see the little cluster of stars known to us as the Pleiades or Seven Sisters and closer you notice the stars of Orion and the Plough and their seven-star patterns. You step back to get a better view and remember the seven old planets so important to our ancestors. Coloured rays of light begin to shine down into the pool and cavern. Rays of violet, of blue, of red, of gold, of green, of orange, of silver, reaching into the pool and evoking a glow, rising from the waters as a being of Light. This being may speak or it may be enough to be in the presence of Her Light which now fills the cave.

After some time you hear sounds of singing or of trumpets or perhaps the fabled "Music of the Spheres". At this the vision fades and returns into the depths again. You begin to rise, drawn up by the rays of light from above. You rise slowly and steadily. Take note of any inner changes as you emerge into the upper world again.

You find yourself facing the tree altar of Seahenge once more but, as you look around, you realise that instead of a circle of wooden posts , you are now surrounded by ancestral beings. They form a close circle and seem pleased to see you as if your journey has completed some special function by means of your interaction here. You notice a space in the circle which you know is a place in the convocation for you to join.You take your place and complete the circuit of energy these beings represent. How does this feel?

Slowly the vision begins to dissolve and gradually your awareness returns to the room where you started the visualization. You affirm the sacred directions once more and return fully to this realm.

A feeling of having "brought something back " to the room is usual with this working.

By Robert Henry of Northern Ireland



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