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The two books: The Thirteenth Manifestation and Stories From the Strange Side, both written by Josephine and previously available from Samas Publishing, are now available for free download. Please visit the stories section under free text to download your free copy!

There have also been two other major updates to the site. Please see the workshops section and the Rescued Parrots section!

note from webmaster: A look into the future... The website is due for a major overhaul. You can expect a brand new, faster, easier to navigate layout in the next four to six months.


The date and information for the October Workshop, Mysteries of the Wise Woman (previously called Inner dynamics of Ritual), has been changed to the following weekend.

Webmaster: "I've given the site a major overhaul which has reduced the page sizes without any noticeable visual difference. I've also redone the main page graphics using a new technique. This new method of displaying them will make them load much faster than before, which means less waiting time for you!"


The date and information for the October Workshop, Mysteries of the Wise Woman (previously called Inner dynamics of Ritual), has been released.


A new vision, Journey to the Center of the Spiral, by Margie McArthur, has been added to the submitted visions section.


The Priests and Priestesses section has been overhauled and new visions, ceremony and techniques have been added.


A new and exciting section has been added to the site: the Submitted Visions section. This section presents visions from other teachers and workers for people to use in their own personal magical and spiritual work.

I am hoping to create an environment of coming together of knowledge and wisdom… a place where people can come to learn from each other.

The first vision posted comes from a teacher in Ireland and the vision works with Seahenge.

New Visions

The vision of the Black Madonna has been posted to the Priests and Priestesses training section. This work explores the art of mediation and the secrets of Sacred Icons.

The vision; Guarding the children has been posted to the ancestor's section. This vision introduces people to working with the children within their own bloodline. It is a vision of ancestral service.


Two new birds have been added to the injured animals page. Also, Meera has now returned from temp foster care and is now in our permanent care.


A new workshop, Unlocking the secrets of the Ancestors, has been added in August.



The date on Junes workshop has been added.


A help page that explains how to use PayPal has been put on the donations page and the workshops page.


A new vision, The Consecration of the Cathedral, has been posted in Priest and Priestess Training I.



A collection of short stories called "Stories from the Strange Side" has gone up for public consumption…(low calorie of course) These tales have visions embedded within them, placing the visions within a context that brings them to life. I hope you enjoy them.


The Paypal feature is now up and running. This means that you can now pay for a workshop with a credit card or your own Paypal account. This feature will also accept donations/gifts for the bird sanctuary.


A photograph of Fabio, the tragic Cockatoo rescued recently has been added to the photo gallery.

Also, a link to Paypal and the Sanctuary mailing address has been added for people who wish to offer donations to the birds in return for the free text.


  • September's workshop will be happening in Madison 22/23rd Sept.
  • October's workshop will be in Berkeley.

Discussion list

Finally! We have now got the discussion list going. This list will be a forum for discussion, argument, ideas etc that reflect the work presented on the website, plus related topics. Basic rules of humanity apply…


The vision of Edom has been added to the advanced P&P page.
The vision of carrying the forest through time has been added to the faeries page.

Coming soon...

More visions: visions relating to the following subjects will be appearing as soon as I can get them entered on the computer:

  • Dark Goddess Visions
  • Point of Death Work
  • Sacred Structures
  • Dark God Visions
  • Healing Through the Embryonic Pattern
  • Goddess of the Stars
  • The Black Madonna


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