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As you will have noticed, I have removed the workshop section from the website. There will be no more workshops in the near future. I feel that time needs to create a distance between my work that I developed during my marriage and my work that has developed since.

Any future workshops that I hold to teach my work will be free workshops where people only contribute towards the actual cost of the workshop. Anyone wishing to donate to the Rescue (which is a registered nonprofit organization) is welcome but it is not obligatory. All future workshops will be work developed since the year 2000 and will have no connection to work developed before that time.

For many years I have felt uneasy with the concept of charging people for what is essentially spiritual work. It was a necessity for survival at the time and I was too chicken to trust the Goddess.

But now, as a single woman, I am answerable only to myself. The time has come to trust the Goddess and do whatever she wishes of me. I have a couple of jobs that earn my pennies, and we have registered the bird rescue as a nonprofit so that funds can be raised to feed the birds (I used to support the rescue through my workshop earnings) .

To me, spiritual work should be free; no one should pay to learn how to connect with Divinity. That way also, what needs teaching is taught, rather than the subject matter being chosen according to how much money it will bring in.

So, the winter is a time for sleep, stillness and regeneration. We shall see what the spring brings.

Please feel free to email me with any questions regarding the work. I will answer as quickly as I can (depending on how many emergency rescues we have in!).


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